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Monday, June 29, 2009

Illegal Immigrants about the same as average Utahns when it comes to crime

I found a mention of this Sutherland Institute study on the ImmProfBlog. It caught my eye because the first paragragh:

[The debate surrounding Utah’s immigration law (SB 81) is driven in part by a more fundamental question: are undocumented immigrants criminals? Some quickly respond to this question with another one: "what part of illegal don’t you understand?" For those that view murder and rape in a different league than illegal border crossings and document fraud, however, such simple and often emotion-driven reactions fail to satisfy.
Utahns do not consider themselves criminals when they regularly break traffic laws or trespassing laws, and rightfully so. These actions do not prey upon society in ways that merit the term "criminal," even though they are often not victimless offenses.]

Sounds familiar to me...yet this is a Conservative Institute. How very interesting...demographics apparently do mean something in electoral politics.

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