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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Change we can believe in! Would you believe change eventually?

It seems that Barack Obama's ambitious agenda for change may have been a little too ambitious for some in Washington and in the country at large to take so quickly. It is not surprising though. Most people are fearful of change; except those who truly can't do without it.

You know what though, I think all the complaining about the stimulus plan and cash for clunkers and Obama isn't a Natural born citizen and the health reform "Death Panels" is about to "jump the shark". I can't wait to see the what the Town Hall Criers do today as my home state of New Hampshire gets a visit from the President. It is amazing the kind of frenzy a little misinformation and a lot of paranoia can whip up.

So immigration reform looks to be set back about six months as the health care debate takes a swerve into the ditch. I think things will actually improve as the stimulus kicks in and the economy heats up again. As the Right-wing continues its descent into whack job parody status, it is important that reform minded Legislators don't fracture and lose sight of their goals (right, that never happens).

In fact, I think there may be nothing better for the cause of progressives than to let the ultraconservatives lock their foaming jaws onto comprehensive immigration reform again right now. One more issue that can keep up their red faced, vein bulging, apoplectic tantrum in a teapot. As painful as it may be to endure -- it is usually a good long-term strategy to be viewed as the "sane and adult" party in an argument.

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