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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On the Passing of Senator Edward "Teddy" Kennedy

So the time has finally come and Senator Edward "Teddy" Kennedy has left this world. His life's work made this country and this world a better place than it would have been without him. Kennedy was a liberal champion in many areas of public policy -- not least of which was immigration. As is so often the case, those persons who strive to great accomplishments also struggle with great flaws and Senator Kennedy was no exception. But today is a day to remember the victories Senator Kennedy achieved for civil rights, for the disabled, the poor, women, racial minorities, immigrants and so many others who's voice was not often heard in the great debates of the second half of the 2oth century.

To whom now will the torch be passed? Who now will ensure that the work will go on, that the cause will endure and that the dream will never die? In truth there is no single person that can carry forward the progressive agenda with the same level of strength, conviction and courage that Kennedy possessed. Still, as one American political era comes to an end with the Senator's death -- it makes clear that a new generation must rise to the challenge and decide how to lead this country forward in this newly begun century.

Perhaps it has started with Barack Obama -- only time will tell. My hope is that the death of "Teddy" Kennedy and the national conversation over his legacy and that of the Kennedy family will inspire some younger people to take up an interest in the political life of this country and of public service in all of its forms. That would be a fitting tribute to the man known as the Lion of the Senate.

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