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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Kudos for a change

I do a lot of complaining about various Department of Homeland Security agencies involved in United States Immigration.  Rightly so I mostly think, but usually my complaints have to do with bureaucratic snafus and people who just don't seem to be cut out for the job life has handed them.

This week I have to say that the government has done alright by my clients and me.  The people who I have dealt with at my local USCIS and ICE offices have given me the information I requested of them (as best they could) without any trouble or attitude or passing the buck. That is not unusual locally, we have fairly small DHS offices where we all pretty much know each other and generally nothing too unexpected happens.

But even some figures more far afield have given me some positive feed back. Tony Drago our New England Chapter Chairman of the American Immigration Lawyers Association passed along my question to the Field Office Directors of USCIS asking why my clients from Nashua were being sent to Lawrence for biometrics capture instead of Manchester NH.  They said it shouldn't be happening and they will look into fixing it.

Now, it isn't fixed yet...but at least it is on the agenda...and that is a good thing. Thanks Tony and Karen Anne Haydon (and any others who may be working on straightening that out).

One more thing, I understand that the security officer detailed at the Manchester USCIS office is moving on to bigger and better things...good luck to you Jolly Roger!

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