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Monday, October 19, 2009

AgJobs 2009 Bill

If you follow this link to the AgJobs 2009 Bill -- you might be seeing a part of the upcoming Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that Sen. Schumer of NY was expecting to finish by Labor Day (so much for that plan, maybe Groundhog Day).

This bill would allow the legalization of Farm workers, who meet the days worked criteria and who have no disqualifying criminal history, by giving them a "BlueCard" status.  This would give them the right to enter the US everyday as a commuter worker or to remain and work in the United States like a permanent resident or "GreenCard" holder.  However, there is no direct path to US citizenship.  After 3-5 years in BlueCard a worker and the family could apply for GreenCard status.  After five years of GreenCard status (LPR) then they could apply for citizenship.

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