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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At Immigration Court Boston

Today I am at the immigration court in Boston all day. The court is located on the third floor of the JFK Federal building right next to Boston City Hall. For those readers who might need to go there - the government center or Haymarket T stops are close by. If you are driving give yourself plenty of time for morning traffic. (Today was 2 hrs 15 min from Concord NH to the courtroom). On street parking is limited but garages are available (prepare to pay $30 or more for the pleasure however).

It pays to arrive early to the JFK because there is security to go through when entering the building (don't wear a lot of metal jewelry or bring a keychain knife or scissors, etc.)

Also, today I am here for what are called master hearings. Master hearings require that you sign up on the sign in sheet in the clerk's office (room 320). The earlier you arrive and sign in the quicker your case will be heard. This saves you and your attorney time - and when your attorney saves time you save money. To sign in make sure you write your attorney's name and your A number on the sign in sheet. The A # can be found on the hearing notice if you don't know it. I have to turn off the blackberry now for court.Hopefully this information will prove useful.

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