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Monday, November 30, 2009

The boon of immigration: Newcomers to America more than pull their economic weight

The boon of immigration: Newcomers to America more than pull their economic weight

The need for combining secure borders with a rational policy for admitting newcomers is as pressing today as it was when the last attempted remake went down in flames under President George W. Bush, victim largely of the myth that immigration is a drain on the economy and a threat to native-born workers.
The truth is just the opposite. As documented by the Fiscal Policy Institute, immigration has, in fact, been a vital force in the American economy. Even in tough times, immigrants boost or replenish the labor pool and inject entrepreneurial energy that opens businesses and creates jobs.Read more:

RAD~ Wow, I agree with the NY Daily News!

Lou Dobbs, Looking at Public Office, Says He's in Favor of Policy He Used to Spin as "Shamnesty for Illegals" | Media and Technology | AlterNet

Lou Dobbs, Looking at Public Office, Says He's in Favor of Policy He Used to Spin as "Shamnesty for Illegals" Media and Technology AlterNet

Lou Dobbs Mariachi
Mr. Dobbs couldn't be reached Tuesday. Spokesman Bob Dilenschneider said Mr. Dobbs draws a distinction between illegal immigrants who have committed crimes since arriving in the U.S. and those who are "living upright, positive and constructive lives" who should be "integrated" into society. He said Mr. Dobbs recognizes the political importance of Latinos and is "smoothing the water and clearing the air."

RAD~ Also see the Wall Street Journal article that covers the same topic (doesn't have the nice pic though)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where the Public Stands on Immigration Reform - Pew Research Center

Where the Public Stands on Immigration Reform - Pew Research Center

Recently the Obama administration announced that it will push for legislation next year to overhaul the nation's immigration system. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the administration will argue for what she called a "three-legged stool" including stricter enforcement, a "tough and fair pathway to earned legal status" for undocumented immigrants already in the U.S., and a more efficient process for legal immigration.

How is the public likely to react to this new push? Since 2007 when the Bush administration failed in its effort to build a coalition in support of comprehensive reform, the issue has been relatively dormant. Pew Research polling has found significant public support for both tougher enforcement and the so-called "path to citizenship," but several factors suggest that the debate could be a difficult one.

First, if the experience of 2007 is any guide, opposition to setting up a process for undocumented immigrants to achieve citizenship may be more intense -- even if less widespread -- than support for it. Second, the nation's economic situation is significantly worse than it was when the issue was debated in 2006 and 2007. Some Republican lawmakers reacted to Secretary Napolitano's speech by raising concerns about the competition for jobs posed by foreign-born workers. More generally, partisan differences on the issue have grown since two years ago, potentially making it more difficult to achieve a consensus in Congress. And third, as the debate over health care reform has shown, there is considerable public anxiety right now about the scope of the federal government's activities and its capacity to undertake major policy changes.

RAD ~ This is going to be a painful process but we will be better off as a country once this debate is behind us.

New US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman: January Contreras

January Contreras

Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman: January Contreras

January Contreras was appointed as the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) Ombudsman for the Department of Homeland Security on November 23, 2009. In this role she leads the Office of the CIS Ombudsman in its efforts to interact with the public and employers to enhance the effective delivery of citizenship and immigration services. Primary efforts include helping to resolve obstacles to accessing services, identifying areas in need of improvement, and recommending solutions to improve services.

RAD~I have used the office of the Ombudsman before to assist my clients...I recommend them.

Update on USCIS moving to Bedford NH

new immigration site Bedford, NH

Here is the latest photo of the building...well would'ya believe of the foundation? Progress is being made though - the land is cleared the foundation appears to be in.  The entrance is apparently not going to be on Palomino (the vantage point of the photo) but rather on Ridgewood at the far side of the frame. You saw it first, here on WiggiBlawg!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Immigration officials visit Vermont farms -

Immigration officials visit Vermont farms -

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The Vermont Agency of Agriculture says federal immigration officials are serving subpoenas to dairy farmers asking them to provide payroll records and employee forms.

Spokeswoman Kelly Loftus says the agency heard from four farmers on Thursday who said immigration officials had visited their farms.

The group Dairy Farmers Working Together says as many as 100 dairy farmers could be subpoenaed.
Dairy farmers in Vermont and elsewhere have turned to imported help because of the difficulty hiring people locally to do the work.

~RAD - as if New England Dairy farmers didn't have enough trouble already. I'm sure with Northern New England having its highest unemployment rate in generations they should have no trouble finding US citizens to milk the cows and muck the stalls. Right? I guess we'll find out - hope you like paying $5 a gallon for milk. Senator Leahy now would be a good time to get going on Immigration Reform before Vermont loses any more one of this signature industry.

Why you shouldn't fool around with milk production -

Lou Dobbs and the Mariachis

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The first minute or so is priceless!

Former Rwanda official warns of violence -

Former Rwanda official warns of violence -

Do you remember the book I highlighted "God Sleeps in Rwanda" by Joseph Sebarenzi? (If not here is a link )

A former speaker of the Rwandan parliament warned that his country could again descend into chaos and violence, 15 years after the genocide that killed as many as 1 million people.
Joseph Sebarenzi, who lost most of his family in the massacres, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday that frustration is growing in Rwanda at what he called President Paul Kagame's concentration of power. He warned that frustration could spill over into violence if not addressed.

Thursday, November 19, 2009



WASHINGTON—U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Assistant Secretary John

Morton today announced the issuance of Notices of Inspection (NOIs) to 1,000 employers across the

country associated with critical infrastructure—alerting business owners that ICE will audit their

hiring records to determine compliance with employment eligibility verification laws.

“ICE is focused on finding and penalizing employers who believe they can unfairly get ahead by

cultivating illegal workplaces,” said Assistant Secretary Morton. “We are increasing criminal and

civil enforcement of immigration-related employment laws and imposing smart, tough employer

sanctions to even the playing field for employers who play by the rules.”

The 1,000 businesses served with audit notices this week were selected for inspection as a result of

investigative leads and intelligence and because of the business’ connection to public safety and

national security—for example, privately owned critical infrastructure and key resources. The names

and locations of the businesses will not be released at this time due to the ongoing, law enforcement

sensitive nature of these audits.

Feds plan 25,000 on-site H-1B inspections

Feds plan 25,000 on-site H-1B inspections

Computerworld - U.S. immigration officials are taking H-1B enforcement from the desk to the field with a plan to conduct 25,000 on-site inspections of companies hiring foreign workers over this fiscal year.
The move marks a nearly five-fold increase in inspections over last fiscal year, when the agency conducted 5,191 site visits under a new site inspection program. The new federal fiscal year began Oct. 1.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wiggiblawg on

Immigration Law Weekly or is a national resource for immigration news. I have a link to it here and even an rss feed widget. If you check this link you can see that they have published my article on why reforming immigration and having a legalization program makes sense for the country's future.,1117-drew.shtm

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dad in 'balloon boy' case turns himself in -

Dad in 'balloon boy' case turns himself in -

What's this got to do with immigration?

Here's a snippet from the article --

The threat of deportation for Mayumi Heene was a factor in the plea deal negotiation, the attorney's statement said.

"Mayumi Heene is a citizen of Japan. As such, any felony conviction or certain misdemeanors would result in her deportation, even though her husband and children are Americans," the statement said.

"It is supremely ironic that law enforcement has expressed such grave concern over the welfare of the children, but it was ultimately the threat of taking the children's mother from the family and deporting her to Japan which fueled this deal."

Prosecutors in the case could not be immediately reached for comment.

Friday, November 13, 2009

White House to Begin Push on Immigration Overhaul in 2010 -

White House to Begin Push on Immigration Overhaul in 2010 -

The Obama administration will insist on measures to give legal status to an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants as it pushes early next year for legislation to overhaul the immigration system, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday.

RAD~ Better late than never.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

H-1B visa applications to be accepted with just file

From Bender's Immigration Daily

Temporary Acceptance of H-1B Petitions Without LCAs

"U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is announcing a 120-day period in which it will temporarily accept H-1B petitions filed without Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) that have been certified by the Department of Labor (DOL)." USCIS, Nov. 5, 2009.

click on the title to see the press release.

Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN - Media Decoder Blog -

Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN - Media Decoder Blog -

Well what's next for my favorite pundit (remember the illegal immigrants carry Leprocy claims he made that were soundly debunked?

A job at FoxNews? He wouldn't be able to do much there that hasn't already been done. My guess is a run for political office.

Palin/Dobbs 2012? - brings a tear to my eye.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1,200 janitors fired in 'quiet' immigration raid | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

1,200 janitors fired in 'quiet' immigration raid Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

I think this story shows that immigration enforcement is alive and well under the Obama administration. This sort of enforcement is more effective and cost effective than the swat like raids of previous years. It is also more humane than surreptitiously whisking away parents into immigration detention while the children are still at school (as happened in the Bianco raids in Massachusetts).

Still, if this is not as emotionally disruptive to families - it is still disruptive of business.  Perhaps some out of work US citizens or legal residents will end up with janitorial jobs now.  But they won't stay in those jobs - and there won't be 1200 of them hired.  The 1200 people who have lost their jobs will now stop contributing to the local economy. Some additional number of homes will likely now be foreclosed on. Some will leave and some will simply find other jobs (probably for lower wages in this economy).

So although this type of enforcement is much to be preferred over "cowboy justice" -- legalization and reform of our immigration and employment laws are needed to avoid prolonging this recession.

Monday, November 9, 2009

DHS readies plan to track foreigners flying from U.S. -

DHS readies plan to track foreigners flying from U.S. -

by Spencer S. Hsu

The Department of Homeland Security is finalizing a proposal to collect fingerprints or eye scans from all foreign travelers at U.S. airports as they leave the country, officials said, a costly screening program that airlines have opposed.
The plan, which would take effect within two years, would collect fingerprints at airport security checkpoints, departure gates or terminal kiosks, allowing the government to track when roughly 35 million foreign visitors a year leave the country and who might be overstaying their visas, DHS officials said. The department plans to send the proposal to the White House as soon as next month for review and inclusion in President Obama's next budget.

Well, security is important - I'll grant that. But if I was a potential tourist looking to visit the USA I might start looking for somewhere else to spend my vacation money. Somewhere that doesn't treat guests like criminals.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wiggiblawg Exclusive! Manchester USCIS and ICE moving!

Here is some immigration news content you can't yet get anywhere else. Google it! Bing it! I dare ya. USCIS Manchester is moving and so is ICE. It may still be a little while but USCIS is moving from 803 Canal Street in Manchester to a new building in Bedford, NH. Here is a map:

View Larger Map

The new address appears as though it will be near 182 Palomino Lane in Bedford. I will take a picture of the new building when I get a chance. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be moving to the Norris Cotton Federal Building in Manchester. This will probably happen a while down the road...but will undoubtedly happen. I hope the Immigration Court moves an Immigration Judge and a couple of Government trial attorneys into the building as well.
Federal Building Manchester, NH

Anyway the Gold's Corner Plaza can go back to being an ordinary mini-mall without the high volume of visitors to US Immigration and the Department of Motor Vehicles (which has been gone a couple of years now if I remember correctly).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poultry firm fined $1.5 million after immigration raid, monitoring --

Poultry firm fined $1.5 million after immigration raid, monitoring --

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Following a massive raid at the Greenville plant last year, Columbia Farms was charged with intentionally hiring illegal immigrants. A McClatchy Newspapers investigation of workplace safety in the poultry industry spurred the federal probe.

Under the agreement, the government will dismiss charges against the company if it improves its hiring practices over the next two years and submits to federal monitoring at its eight plants in the Carolinas and Louisiana.

"Our goal is not to punish corporations and force them to cut jobs, especially in these economic times," Walt Wilkins, U.S. Attorney for South Carolina, told McClatchy Newspapers. "Our goal is to make them a responsible corporate citizen. And this agreement accomplishes all of that."

The settlement stipulates that "Columbia Farms accepts responsibility for its actions associated with the employment of unauthorized workers."

House of Raeford has already begun revamping its hiring practices, Wilkins said. Over the past year, a newly hired corporate compliance officer has audited hiring procedures to ensure they conform to federal laws. "I am confident that we are seeing a true change in these companies' approach to hiring," Wilkins said.
click the link above to read the rest of the story

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ruben Navarrette In Dallas watch your language - Press-Telegram

Ruben Navarrette: In Dallas watch your language-Press-Telegram

Today, at least 20 patrol officers of the Dallas Police Department - ranging from a rookie to a 13-year veteran - are in hot water after ticketing 38 motorists since 2007 for not speaking English. The problem - this isn't even a crime. Not in Dallas or anywhere else in the United States.

I posted this not because of the DWM aspect and the racial bias that it presupposes - rather it was this passage that got my attention...

"During these turbulent times, you can tell by the way that people look at you," he said. "My wife has told me: `Have you noticed the difference in the way that they look at us these days?' And you have to admit there's something there that you just can't identify. Attitudes have definitely hardened because of the harsh debate over immigration and other things like that."

Yes, I think that is fair to say - attitudes have hardened.  Attitudes about immigration and alot of other things as well.  Sometimes it feels like this country is all about harsh attitudes on some issue or other and is about little else. 

I have worked in this field now for over a decade and I have noticed that if you want to treat people badly you have to objectify them, you have to name them so you don't have to think of them as actual human beings that you are being nasty to. So calling people "illegals" or "criminaliens" allows one to think it is OK to look down on them and consider them unworthy as people compared to we citizens.

Americans (possibly humans in general) seem to have a need to define themselves by figuring out who they don't like.  The man quoted above is a former Texas Police Officer not an illegal immigrant.  I hope that the people that are giving he and his wife the sideways glances might come to realize that all Latinos are not illegal immigrants.  Maybe someday those same people might come to the conclusion that people who immigrated here illegally are also people - not actual "aliens" to be feared and hated.

Even if people must return to their home countries - I think it would be better for everyone if America could do that without the becoming as mean, petty and racist about it as some government and media opinon leaders have proven to be recent years.