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Friday, November 6, 2009

Wiggiblawg Exclusive! Manchester USCIS and ICE moving!

Here is some immigration news content you can't yet get anywhere else. Google it! Bing it! I dare ya. USCIS Manchester is moving and so is ICE. It may still be a little while but USCIS is moving from 803 Canal Street in Manchester to a new building in Bedford, NH. Here is a map:

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The new address appears as though it will be near 182 Palomino Lane in Bedford. I will take a picture of the new building when I get a chance. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be moving to the Norris Cotton Federal Building in Manchester. This will probably happen a while down the road...but will undoubtedly happen. I hope the Immigration Court moves an Immigration Judge and a couple of Government trial attorneys into the building as well.
Federal Building Manchester, NH

Anyway the Gold's Corner Plaza can go back to being an ordinary mini-mall without the high volume of visitors to US Immigration and the Department of Motor Vehicles (which has been gone a couple of years now if I remember correctly).

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