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Monday, January 4, 2010

Recession Fuels Spike In Foreign Investor Visas : NPR

Recession Fuels Spike In Foreign Investor Visas : NPR

News of job creation programs has been widely reported lately, but there's one program that many people have never heard about: Under U.S. immigration law, foreigners can invest in an American business and, in exchange, receive a green card.

This has long been a small, obscure program, but as domestic sources of financing have dried up, the number of EB-5 visas issued this way has tripled in the past year.
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RAD ~ Restrictionist groups often claim to oppose only "illegal immigration"; then when crop pickers are allowed in legally, they only support "skilled immigration"; then when H-1B visas allow technical professionals with advanced degrees to immigrate, they only support "immigration that creates jobs for Americans". Finally, when you get to a program like this you see the Restrictionist's true colors...they just don't like immigrants period. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies should be thanked for making that perfectly clear in his quotes in this article.

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