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Thursday, February 25, 2010

French Leader in Rwanda for 1st Time Since 1994 Genocide | News | English

French Leader in Rwanda for 1st Time Since 1994 Genocide News English

From Voice of America Online

Sarkosy in Rwanda
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has acknowledged that France and the rest of the world made mistakes in failing to prevent Rwanda's 1994 genocide, but he stopped short of apologizing.

Mr. Sarkozy told reporters in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, Thursday that France and other nations were "blinded" in their failure to see the genocidal aspect of the government that orchestrated the killings.

The French president spoke after holding talks with Rwandan President Paul Kagame and visiting the genocide museum and memorial, where he paid homage to the victims.

His one-day visit is the first by a French leader since Rwanda's 1994 genocide. The two nations are trying to repair diplomatic ties after a three-year breakdown.

RAD~ In 1994 I was a student at Boston University School of Law. I don't remember hearing much about the genocide in Rwanda at the time - I think the American media was mostly involved with the death of singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain. Now all of these years later I have met a number of survivors of the Genocide and have heard and read about many of the harrowing stories of that time. I am now a member of the Board of Directors of "Rest for the Nations Ministries" which was established to assist in educating children in Rwanda in the hope that the opportunities an education can provide the next generation will help to prevent future ethnic violence.

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