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Thursday, May 6, 2010

ICE Online Detainee Locator System (Coming Soon)

ICE/DRO is announcing their new Online Detainee Locator System will be available in June 2010. (See below)

ODLS is scheduled to deploy in June 2010, and will be accessible by visiting ICE's public Web site ( Persons using ODLS do not need to set up an account or get special permission to use the system. ODLS provides two ways to search for a detainee: (1) Perform a query using an Alien Registration Number (A-Number) and country of birth; or (2) perform a query using a full name and country of birth. After receiving the query entered by the user, ODLS searches for a match among current ICE detainees and detainees who have been booked out of ICE custody (regardless of the reason) within the last 60 days. All records that match the user's query are returned to the user in a list of one or
more search results.
ODLS only performs exact-match searches. This means that the search
query entered by the user (specifically, the name or A-Number) must
exactly match the information in a detention record in order for the
record to be identified as a match and included in the ODLS search
results. For example, a search for ``Robert Smith'' will not return a
detention record for ``Robert Smyth'' or ``Bob Smith.'' When conducting
an A-Number search, ODLS users will see a maximum of one record in the
results because A-Numbers are assigned to individuals uniquely. When
conducting a name-based search, however, ODLS users may see multiple
records in the results if several detainees share the same name and
country of birth. Users may use the year of birth provided in the
results to distinguish among detainees with the same name.
ODLS only contains information about individuals who are currently
in ICE custody or were previously detained by ICE within the past 60

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