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Friday, July 30, 2010

New CNN poll is as contradictary as the opinions of the American people

I suppose the headline should be "81 Percent of people surveyed approved of Comprehensive Immigration Reform" or as some like to mistakenly call it "Amnesty" (that's what the tag line was on Bender's Imm. Bulletin) .

When the question isn't loaded down with buzzwords and racist/paranoid jargon people apparently support what amounts to "Amnesty" in overwhelming numbers (and have consistently for a number of years).

What this polling data really shows is that even if Americans' opinions aren't all that consistent (or frankly, coherent) on many issues - race still matters in America - more than most people would like to admit. Read the numbers in this poll and then try to argue that it is just correlation and not causation with race - go ahead and try.

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