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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helping to build peace and prosperity in Rwanda by supporting education

Several months ago I joined the Board of Directors of a charity established here in New Hampshire called "Rest for the Nations Ministries".

Rest for the Nations raises money through charitable donations to pursue the vision of Pastor Manassee Ngendahayo. Pastor Mansassee grew up in the Eastern Congo region of Kivu on the Rwandan border. After the 1994 Rwanda Genocide he ministered to the Rwandan survivors who had lost loved ones and sometimes entire families to the violence. 

In the early part of this decade Pastor Manassee came to the United States. After establishing a home for his family here in New Hampshire and finding a church where he could continue his ministry, he looked for a means to help rebuild those broken families back in Rwanda (a country that had been torn apart by ethnic tensions and civil war).

Rest for the Nations has worked on many projects in the past few years - but this year a special focus has been placed on providing tuition assistance as well as assistance with school uniforms and supplies to school children in Rwanda.

Education is the key to promoting understanding, reconciliation and progress among the different ethnic groups in Rwanda. Only through educating the next generation to the fullest extent possible can the people of Rwanda unlearn the prejudices of the past and avoid repeating the mistakes that have lead to tragic violence more than once in the country's past. Rest for the Nations believes that promoting education for boys and girls in Rwanda is perhaps the best way to help the country to heal and move toward a future of greater cooperation and economic growth that will benefit all of the people of the country and the region.

If you are interested in learning more about the mission of Rest for the Nations Ministries - you can learn more by visiting their web site...I have provided a link below:

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