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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Immigration in the NH Republican Primary

I don't mind if Bill Binnie or Bob Clegg wants to call for tougher immigration enforcement (or Kelly Ayotte for that matter) that is their right. However, I object to using the term "illegals" in this advertisement.

Human beings should not be objectified and reduced to a pejorative term based on one characteristic they may have. It is insidious to do this and the politicians who wish to be our leaders know better. This is the sort of thing that is done - not in civil society - but rather in war to make it easier to perform what must be the very psychologically difficult job of killing the enemy in battle. We can have debates about immigration policy in the United States without resorting to the kind of rhetoric that sums up a person's entire being in a derogatory epithet.

Can you imagine a politician going on television in this day and age and accusing their opponent of being soft on "blanks" or "blanks" or even "blanks"? -- (I was going to put a short list of current and historical nasty names for different groups in our society, but I'll let you imagine the ones that are most offensive to you).

I don't care if politicians don't use whatever the most politically correct term is these days; I'm not even sure what that would be - "undocumented workers" - perhaps. Just don't go down this road of cheapening the political public discourse in NH by using language that is clearly meant as invective rather than descriptive.

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