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Thursday, October 20, 2011

AILA Leadership Blog » Dehumanization of the Majority

AILA Leadership Blog » Dehumanization of the Majority

By: Ally Bolour

A new attitude seems to have taken hold in American society these days – one that appears to be spreading through every medium and every social group. I see it on television, in newspapers, and on the internet; I hear it on the radio and in everyday conversations. Alienating and dehumanizing any group that is “different,” starting of course with immigrants. If the immigrants are undocumented – we call them illegal. If they are U.S. citizen children, but have undocumented parents – we call them the children of illegals! We pass laws in Alabama to demand that children bring proof of the “legality” of their parents to the classrooms. We no longer exhibit pride in the American melting pot; we try to explain it away and hyphenate it instead.

~here is a snippet from the AILA Leadership Blog click the link above, it is worth the time.

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