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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Immigration Officials Arrest More Than 3,100 -

Immigration Officials Arrest More Than 3,100 -

To those who think that ICE is getting too soft under the Obama administration ... you are mistaken. They have been fighting about quotas which cause them to put people in deportation who would not otherwise be a priority (in order to keep their numbers up). After three years of increasing the numbers of deportations to make sure that President Obama has a record of looking tough on enforcement -- perhaps now they will be allowed to do what the administration has been claiming to want to do (focus on foreign nationals who are dangerous criminals and threats to national security). When that is the focus, it may mean more time and resources spent on tracking down individuals that are harder to find ... and that may mean that some folks who have done nothing more than have a headlight out (but are easy to pick up and process)  might get put at the bottom of the pile.

More discriminating enforcement (in the best sense of the term) and smarter enforcement is what is needed. Not simply more (and therefore more expensive) enforcement.

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